Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week in review- Sunday, March 7th

Happy March! With the time change coming up, we will all have that extra hour to get our workouts in outside after work. Yay! Although I struggled with a migraine and virus this week, it was a week of small successes.

Yesterday's Sac Fit workout was great! We did six miles. Our usual coach wasn't there but my coach from last year lead our workout. We followed the SacFit variable pace method, which involved periods of faster and slower walking and/or running. Although I was afraid we were starting out too slow, our overall pace was on target and I felt better than ever after my workout. I could have kept going! I guess there is something to the science behind the SVP, so I look forward to training with it again next weekend. Thanks, Coach Erin!

We also received the results from our Cooper workout two weeks ago. Our Sac Fit leader, Ken, did a great job of explaining the science behind it! What I am taking out of it is that I can train on the longer workouts at a slower pace so my body adapts to the energy/fuel process but still perform at a great race pace during a half marathon. Another tip for me to try this season!

Another big event this week was the purchase of my new Garmin 405CX fitness watch and heartrate monitor. Lara purchases her 405 a year ago but I didn't really think I needed one. Boy, was I wrong! In order to take my training to the next level while safely monitoring my heartrate and pace, the Garmin is a must have. Although I've only used it twice, I think it is just what I need to progress in my training and get re-motivated! We will see!

Product of the week: This week's product of the week may not sound so exciting but is a necessity for us women walkers/runners, the headband! I cannot workout comfortably with my hair in my face and all headbands are not created equal. There are a few other brands I may want to try... I will let you know if those work out but for now I highly recommend the Goody no slip headbands for Spring and the North Face fleece headband for winter. The Goody headbands are comfortable, they don't slip, and are available in a variety of colors at your local Target or drugstore for about $5.00 for three. For winter, the North Face fleece headband is a must have! For those of us who don't like hats, the fleece headband keeps the hair out of your eyes but also keeps your head and ears warm. It is available for about $10-15 at your local REI or Sports Authority.

Thanks to all of you who are listening to our podcast and/or following or reading the blog. We appreciate your support and ideas! Over the next month, we will be volunteering at a few big, local races and look forward to sharing our experiences with you!


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