Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week in review- Sunday, March 21st

Spring is officially here, which hopefully brings great running and walking weather. This weekend was sure perfect weather to be outside. Lara and I each completed our Sac Fit workout on Saturday. I struggled a bit to complete my 8 miles. My overall pace was good but I felt a bit sluggish and slow. I know that happens sometimes, so I am not discouraged. Next Saturday, I am going to go back to trying the intervals of slower and faster walking to see if that makes a difference. I did incorporate a little running up the hills, which gave my walking muscles a break! Lara had a great 10 mile run!

Today, Lara and I had a great time volunteering at the first (and hopefully annual) Modesto marathon. We worked the early 6:30AM shift and helped block traffic at the half mile point. All of the runners and walkers were so appreciative and friendly that it made us feel great to give back. Of course, at a half mile you hope people are still happy! The race was well-organized especially for an inaugural event. After our shift we were able to get over to the finish line and see most of the half marathoners finish as well as the first place marathoners. It was very inspiring to be out there supporting the runners and walkers but I have to admit I felt a little bad I wasn't out there myself! We definitely recommend volunteering for a race when you can. It feels good to give back in the spirit of the people who support us on the races we run/walk.

I also had a fun surprise this week. I went to meet a friend at her house for dinner and a walk and her dad was down from Oregon training for his next iron man competition. I had the pleasure of speaking to her dad for a quite a while and tried to absorb everything he was telling me. Not only is he an iron man winner/competitor, he has completed multiple ultramaratons including the infamous Western States 100 and American River 50 to name a few. What makes his story particularly inspiring is he didn't start running until shortly after his 40th birthday and 34 years later he is literally running strong! I can only hope to accomplish half of what he has done. Talking with him also gave me hope that the possibilities for what I can achieve in running and walking may be even further than I can imagine right now. I wish him well in his next Iron Man as he hopes to compete again in the Kona Iron Man Championships in the Fall!

Product of the week: This week's product of the week is pretty simple and may seem quite obvious. Get fit with the right shoes! I know a number of people who train with whatever they picked up off the rack or liked. As somebody who at times suffers from shin splints and plantar fasciitis, I know that having the right shoes can make the difference between even doing your workout letting alone achieving a goal. The right shoes may not be the prettiest color but the fit is truly what counts! It is worth every penny to go get fit by a professional at your local Fleet Feet or specialty running store especially if you don't know if you pronate, supinate or can just wear a neutral shoe. You can get by without all of the other fancy gear but please make good shoes a priority. As somebody with a long, narrow feet that pronate I have found several Asics stability shoes to work well. They seem to have a wider toe box but fit my heel. That is just what works best for me, though!

Only 6 weeks until our next half marathon. Whatever your goal, happy training!!



  1. Volunteering for the marathon sounds like fun! I am glad you got to give back and do something so great! Good for you! I missed all my sacfit buddies this week...I have an IT band issue and don't see the sports med doc until tomorrow. Hopefully he will be able to "cure" me! I agree with the product of the week! I couldn't believe the difference that well fitted shoes made! I am so happy I followed the wise advice of all of the sacfit running people! See you guys next week! I really need to meet you in person by the way! Then I could put a face to a name!

  2. We had a great time at the marathon, thanks! Ken mentioned on Saturday that they still need volunteers for the American River 50, which several of us are volunteering for. You should check it out. We volunteered at it last year and it was very inspiring! Lara and I actually were chatting the other day that we should all meet up after a Sac Fit workout soon. I hope the doctor fixes you up good as new. Hang in there! Keep us posted! -Lisa

  3. I realized I wasn't logged in, which is why the previous comment was by anonymous... Oops, user error! -Lisa