Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week in review- Sunday, February 28th

It is hard to believe tomorrow is March 1st and officially two months until the Parkway Half marathon... Now is time for the serious training to begin! Unfortunately, I had to ruin my perfect Sac Fit attendance record yesterday due to a bit of a virus but Lara braved the rain and ran her 8 miles. Yay!! She actually changed her pace group and found that it may be a better match for her. I think she should get extra credit for running her whole workout in the rain. Her tip for this week is next time she does a rain run she will put Glide on her feet so that her socks don't rub. I will have to keep that in mind myself!

This week was an exciting week on the blog and Pod cast side. We had our first official blog comments. Thanks, Jessica!!! We previously received comments from people on Facebook, which we appreciate, but it was also fun to see comments on the actual blog site. We look forward to any feedback! Lara also got our first official Tweet from somebody we didn't know regarding the Pod cast. It's fun to think people who don't know us are actually reading and/or listening!

This week also continued my search for the best Lara bar flavors. Once I finish trying all of the flavors I will let you know how it goes. Lara bars are my new favorite treat since most of them literally only contain dates, nuts, and unsweetened dried fruit. I actually first tried these as samples from the SF marathon expo (not because of the name) and now I am hooked! They are a great afternoon snack to get you through your after work workout! Lara actually ordered some new products including a gel and some energy breakfast cookies, so I look forward to hearing about those too! More to follow on this one especially as I try to eat clean and get these last pounds off. I am hoping to also better fuel my body for my workouts!

Product of the week: Sticking to the theme of sweet treats, one treat I recommend is the snack sized Pay Day. Although I wouldn't normally advocate candy bars, the Pay Day is a fan favorite of local runners. It provides the perfect combination of salt and sugar and seems to digest easily when you are literally on the run. It gives you that little boost of energy you need when you want something to eat instead of a gel. It also settles that grumble you sometimes get in your stomach after eating shot blocks or beans on a long walk/run. I do my best to ration them out and only bring them on long workouts!! So far, we have only been able to find the snack size bars (about 80 calories) each at Wal-Mart!

As Spring gets closer, I hope everyone has signed up for their goal race. Whether it is a 5K or Ultramarathon, the important thing is we are out there running our own races as well as sharing the information we learn and the experiences we have along the way!



  1. Thanks for the thanks! LOL :D Yay for Parkway in 2 months! Seems crazy to think I will be running a 1/2 marathon, but SacFit is awesome and I know I will be ready!

  2. Hi Ladies...your Sac Fit follower here. My internet persona is Gee Gee which is what my grandkids call me (Grandma Glenda). Listened to the latest podcast and this blog is how I figured out who Lisa was so now you know. I think the link on Running Podcasts took me to your blog.

    Had to comment on the mini paydays. You are right, the only place I've found them is Walmart (except at Halloween you can find them in the stores). I keep em in the freezer and take a few out for those long run Saturdays. Coach Barry introduced me to them a couple of years ago - but I don't hold that against him :) Keep up the good work on the podcast and I'll catch you on the trail!

  3. Now the mystery is solved! I sure wondered how our Sac Fit follower "aka" Gee Gee knew who we were. Too funny!! I hope everyone had a great workout today! I felt great after my workout. We used the SVP and it really worked! -Lisa