Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week in review- Sunday, February 7th

Hello again. I am back! Exercise should be a priority in your life but
sometimes life does take a priority over exercise! I made it back to the
gym Monday night for some desperately needed cardio. It wasn't the best
workout, but at least I was there.

We had a good workout last Saturday with Sac Fit. I was a little nervous that I wouldn't find people who wanted to walk as crazy fast as I am trying to but
there were some great people out there. My coach kept us going at a good
pace. It is still so hard for me to start slower and get that negative
split in. I am always afraid I am wasting valuable time! I really would
like to walk the Parkway Half marathon in under 3 hours, which means keeping up a
13:40 minute per mile pace. Wish me luck! I always seem to do better
when I have a goal to work towards.

Another nice thing is the days are staying lighter out slightly longer
which means soon we can get some outdoor workouts in after work and still
see the sun I definitely prefer walking outdoors over being on the
treadmill but both serve their purposes. It is much easier to get those
running shoes on and get moving when it isn't cold and rainy out! Now is a
good time to pick that spring race and start training for it!

Product of the week:
A few weeks ago I recommended a great pack. I am a firm believer you need
a good pack to tote your water in but there are times when you fly out the
door for a quick 30 minute walk or run and only want to grab your keys (and
Road ID of course) and go. A great accessory for those days is the Spibelt
The Spibelt is a very small pocket on a waist belt that expands to fit your cell phone, keys, and iPod. It is perfect for a quick run or walk outside when you need the bare essentials! The Spibelt is often sold at race expos for major marathons/half marathons. Otherwise, check out and for a few dollars extra you can even get the extra cords to hook your race bib/number to it.
Have a great week!


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