Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week in review- Sunday, February 21st

I am back! I am sorry that I missed last week! This week is going to be the week of focus. As Dr. Oz says, "Exercise is non-negotiable!" I need to remind myself of these words when I find it tempting to miss a workout because I am tired after work. I know I will feel better mentally and physically during and after the workout!

This week was a nice diverse week of workouts. I made it to the gym one night for my regular workout. The next night I actually walked to dinner and back with an old friend I reconnected with recently. She and her boyfriend recently became runners so we had lots of great conversation. They are both so pumped and enthusiastic about signing up for their first half marathon that I couldn't help but be "re-motivated" by their excitement. Plus, you can't feel as guilty about eating half a giant calzone when you walk to the restaurant and back!

Yesterday, Lara and I went to our Sac Fit workout. Instead of the normal workout, it was the Cooper Workout week. Basically, the Cooper Workout involves a series or warmup and cool down exercises and a 12 minute walk/run with the goal being to get around the track as many times as possible in the 12 minutes. Apparently, there is then a formula to measure your VO2 potential. I wanted so badly to walk a 12 minute mile but I must confess I had to run part of the last lap to finish that fourth lap just as my 12 minutes were up. Lara and I then had a great walk to our local Fleet Feet and back (of course stopping for lunch) to complete our workout. Again, who can feel bad about shopping or eating when you've worked hard to get there!

I also attended a nutrition class at work this week that was a great reminder about the importance of eating live things especially those with lots of water content such as fruits and vegetables. Fresh is of course the best option followed by frozen. If we remember we are fueling ourselves for our workout and think about that when we put food into our mouths we can't go wrong!

Product of the week:
I realize this week's product of the week may not apply to all but for those that it does it is worth reading! One of the most important things a woman runner or walker needs is a good supportive sports bra. For those of you who haven't been able to find a comfortable, supportive one there is one out there for you! I will never wear another sports bra... It is THE perfect high impact sports bra. It is the Maia bra by Moving Comfort. You can purchase it online or at your local REI or Fleet Feet. It is comfortable and literally the first sports bra I have ever worn where I am 100% comfortable walking or running because, pardon the expression, everything is locked and loaded! It comes in several colors (including white and black) and I promise you won't be disappointed if full support is what you need!


  1. I love my Maia sports bra! Great recommendation!

    Also, I am in SacFit too! I am in the 14:00/mile red group!

  2. Jessica-Thank you so much for the comment! We appreciate the feedback! Hopefully, we will see you at Sac Fit soon! -Lisa

  3. No problem! What pace group are you guys in?

  4. I was in the Gold 11:30 pace goup, but I tried out the 12:00 pace group today. I think it might be a better fit. -Lara

  5. I am in the purple walkers group... the 13:00 minute pace group.. although I am not sure we have really been doing that pace yet! :) -Lisa