Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in review- Sunday, April 25th

Another week done and only 5 more days until the Parkway half marathon. This week will be a light week with short workouts Monday-Wednesday and rest days on Thursday and Friday. Who can't help but love a week with two back to back rest days and an excuse to eat a big pasta dinner! We tapered down to 5 miles in Saturday's workout. When you put it into perspective looking back two years ago, I never would have thought I would have been excited about having to do only 5 miles. It shows how with some dedication and work anybody can be come "an athlete."

As I sit here happy and excited about the upcoming race, I am also a little bit disappointed because Square Peg Running and friends did not get into the Nike Women's Marathon for a second year in a row. Maybe the third year will be the charm. I was upset about it at first but then several of us decided it is a good excuse to go to Tiffany and just buy ourselves something fun. We deserve it even though it won't be handed to us by a cute fireman!

I was watching something on TV the other day (one of the many things I record but never have time to watch)... wish I could remember which show but it had a good message about running your own race. It went back to the old adage that it isn't about the destination but the journey and that we just have to basically continuously run our own race. It was a good message to just remember to enjoy the path we're taking and to never give up on exercise or bettering ourselves. It's great to set goals but we shouldn't forget to enjoy the process as well!

I have been trying to economize lately, so I haven't been out there buying fun new products to review. I still have a few old favorites up my sleeve but will save them for later.

Some final thoughts for the upcoming half marathon. I just have to remind myself the first goal is to finish the race. The second goal is to PR. The third goal would be to reach my goal of walking a half marathon in under three hours (current PR is 3:11). Most of all, I need to remember to have fun!

Have a great week!


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