Monday, April 12, 2010

Week in review, Monday, April 12th

Happy Monday! At the rate I am going lately, my weekly blog may need to move to Monday nights! This weekend was definitely a square peg running filled weekend starting with our Sac Fit workout on Saturday morning. My group was scheduled to do 11 miles but I ended up doing 10. Several of us were volunteering later in the day at the American River 50 endurance run and I was anxious to get back. I walked with my group to the five mile point and then turned around. For the first time in a long time, the second half of the workout seemed easier than the first half. Maybe it was the new tropical punch Clif shot blocks I ate before the turnaround or maybe it was the wonderful walking weather, a little cool... almost jacket weather. Maybe it was the solitude of listening to my iPod and appreciating my surroundings or maybe it was even the fact that I got all three mid week workouts in! Whatever it was, I wish I could re-create it. I couldn't believe that for the last three miles I was walking about a 12:45 pace and feeling like I could go on forever. I can only hope for the same burst energy in the half marathon. We have 0nly two Saturday training sessions left before the big race. Our group is scheduled to do 12.5 miles this weekend and then we pull back to 4 for the Saturday before the race. I am going to replicate my food and clothing from last Saturday and see if I got lucky with my super negative split or if it was the magic combination. Stay tuned!

We also had an amazing experience volunteering for a second year at an American River 50 endurance run aid station. Our station is closer to the end of the race and at the top of a hill. You could say for some it is the make or break it point. It never ceases to amaze me that the people you see running that race don't all fit the stereotypical ultramarathoner look. It really shows that anybody can do it if you put the right training in and prepare for it mentally. We had a great time filling up people's water bottles and just providing overall encouragement. I really have to commend everyone who participated in that race whether they finished quickly or slowly or not at all. It is quite an accomplishment to even try to undertake!

Unfortunately, my "real job" calls so there won't be a product of the week this week but stay tuned and I will do my best to suggest something great next week!

Whether you are training for an upcoming race or thinking about doing one or just out there walking or running for fun, enjoy it and remember to run your own race!



  1. Great job on the negative split! :D

  2. Thanks! I hope I can do it again this weekend but I will only be getting 2 out of 3 workouts in, so we will see! Maybe we will see you at the breakfast. You can't miss me in my bright pink Oakley sunglasses!