Monday, April 5, 2010

Week in review- Monday, April 5th

My Internet router went dead from all that blogging but I picked up a new router tonight, so I am back on line! I can't believe there are only four weeks of training left until the Parkway half marathon. This means the workouts are more important than ever. I had to get a little creative today and take my workout clothes to work and sneak a walk in between meetings late this afternoon. I definitely feel better that I didn't let an unexpected schedule change derail my training efforts.

This week's Sac Fit training went well. My group had a stepback week but we are back to 11 miles this weekend. I can also tell you I am now a firm believer in the chocolate milk recovery drink. With my longer workouts, if I stretch properly right after the workout and then drink that chocolate milk right after, I find that I am not sore the next day. Who would think chocolate milk could be considered good for you. I like it!

With Spring here, it's not only time for Spring cleaning and sorting through all my running/walking gear, but time to get caught up on my reading so I can make some recommendations. I know I've said it before but if you haven't read Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes you have to check it out. It will not only motivate you but amaze you at what the human body can accomplish. In terms of running/health related magazines, my favorite reads right now are Women's Health and of course Runner's World. Both provide great basic information on a number of exercise and health related topics and also motivate you to take action!

Some upcoming events are the American River 50 Endurance Run this weekend in the Sacramento Area as well as the San Francisco Marathon in July. Both are great events to check out as a participant or volunteer. Also, signups for the Nike Women's Marathon lottery are open now, so wish Lara and I luck as our team tries for a second year in a row to gain entry!

Lara just posted episode 12 of the Podcast so check it out! Also, if you have had a "square peg" running moment let us know! We look forward to hearing about it.

Product of the week: "The Lara Bar" I have to admit the first time I tried these I wasn't a fan, but I think I was expecting something else. Now, I am addicted! The Lara bar comes in a number of flavors. Most flavors only contain dates, nuts, and unsweetened fruit. Some of the more exotic flavors contain other natural flavors but no preservatives and nothing bad for you! I eat a Lara bar as my sweet treat for the day or as a pre or post workout snack. The nuts and fruit make a great snack and I love that there are no other crazy ingredients I can't pronounce! Lara bars make a great alternative snack (instead of your usual granola bar) for those trying to eat clean. I have now tried all of the flavors and my favorite are cherry pie and peanut butter and jelly. Whole Foods has the best assortment of flavors and definitely the best price!

Have a great week!



  1. I was @ Bel Air on Sunrise last night and they had a great selection of Lara bars on sale 10 for $10! I stocked up:)

  2. Thanks for the tip! That is an amazing price on Lara bars! The cheapest I have seen them before is $1.25 and sometimes they are as high as $1.89. I am going to go stock up!! I am totally addicted to them now but at least I feel they are pretty good for me considering!

  3. So, I bought 20 Lara bars at the Raley's sale. Is that excessive? :) -Lisa