Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Parkway half marathon

It's hard to believe after all the months of training that last Saturday, May 1st was the Parkway half marathon. It actually didn't even feel like race day because of the longer 12.5 workout we accomplished two weeks before. This was a good thing! The weather was beautiful, not rainy like last year, and not too hot! I was able to shed my thin running jacket before the race started, which was a luxury since I didn't have to worry about maneuvering it around my waist later on. Overall, the race went well although I discovered a glitch around mile 9. Somehow, I had dropped my last two shot blocks earlier in the course so I was "nutritionless" for the last few miles. I had an emergency bag of energy beans in the back of my pack but I was too fearful of time to try to locate them. Big mistake!! Because I didn't eat for the last four miles and it was warming up a little I got very nauseous! The last two miles were a struggle but I made it through. Moral of the story... Bring back up nutrition that is easy to access or take the time to pull it out of your pack!

Although I missed my "dream time" by two minutes, I did PR which was exciting. I also got 5th out of 55 in my age group, which was also great! Next year, I just need to move up two more places to get that award medal/pin. It gives me something to work towards!! Most of all I had fun! Lara was in the process of moving during race weekend, so she took the race for what it was worth and enjoyed the success of completing it!! Sometimes it isn't always about the PR!

I've been taking a short break from training to get caught up on things at work. I went for a 2 mile walk with my parents on Sunday and will be participating in a local 2 mile obstacle course race this weekend. Then it's off to the Nike Women's fitness festival before Sac Fit ramps back up in early June. Then it's the SF marathon here we come!!

I have to admit I discovered finding a product of the week every week (with 52 weeks in a year) can be a challenge! I still have a few good products up my sleeve and am always on the quest for more, so I will report on them when the mood strikes. Any suggestions, let me know!

As the weather starts to warm up, remember to stay hydrated! Start those long workouts earlier and don't give up!


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