Thursday, June 10, 2010

Square Peg Running goes to San Francisco

I am sorry it has been so long between postings. That craziness called work has been keeping me busy. I am looking forward to the new season of Sacfit starting this weekend, which will get me back on a more regular workout schedule. Despite the craziness, Square Peg Running has had a few adventures over the last few weeks.....

Week before last, we went to check out the first half of the San Francisco marathon course. Last year, we did the second half which was a fairly flat course overall for San Francisco. This year we (and a few other friends) are taking on the first half of the marathon course. The course is actually beautiful because it goes along the water and includes a run on the Golden Gate bridge which will be closed for the event. It's not too often you get to actually run on the main part of the bridge. So, for our "trial" endeavor along the course we set out from the ferry building to walk the course. It was beautiful along the water and perfect weather. We tackled the Ft. Mason hill which 2 years ago nearly beat us down but it seemed pretty simple this time around which was a good testament to how far we each have come in our individual training. We thought we had successfully completed the most difficult part of the course but boy were we wrong. I guess we both had a square peg running moment (or even a blond moment for me) and didn't stop to think that if we were running at sea level and somehow needed to get up to the bridge that there wasn't an elevator to get us there. Boy, that is a pretty steep climb. It's not bad if you are hiking but when you have a time limit (since they can't keep the bridge closed forever) it is a challenge. I guess it will be hill repeats over and over for me for the next 7 weeks. The course finishes in Golden Gate Park. I am looking forward to the challenge but hope we all didn't bite off more than we can chew.

This past weekend, Square Peg Running (and many other Sac Fitters) attended the Nike Women's Fitness Festival. I guess it technically is supposed to make up for those of us who can't seem to catch a break and get into the Nike women's marathon. I have to admit the swag/grab bags and post race breakfast were fantastic, especially for a 5K. I set a PR despite the fact that it was about 10 degrees warmer than it had been, and Lara and my good friend Heather did great as well! All in all it was fun event and a great kick start back into training...... which boy do I need. As we all know 7 weeks goes by fast and I am not even ready to start thinking about another 13.1 miles. It will be fun though!!

Wish me luck in my training journey over the next 7 weeks. Lara and I will both need it as we get in some serious hill and speed workouts in. I send you the same good luck wishes in whatever you are training for!


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