Sunday, July 11, 2010

Square Peg Running is back!

I am sorry it has been so long, but again "real life" just sometimes gets in the way. We have been back to SacFit for about a month, and it is a great group this year. I agreed to serve as an "emergency/backup" pace coach to help out when I can. I've been able to take out two great groups out so far this season and I have to admit although it is fun it is a bit stressful. I want to make sure everyone learns all they can and has a great time but I don't want to be overpowering or annoying!

I can't believe we are only two weeks out from the SF marathon. I have never been this undertrained for a half marathon before. Six weeks ago, the eight week "boot camp training" program I was putting myself on sounded great in theory but in reality is a completely different thing. I've been able to get a few mid-week workouts in here and there and an occasional Zumba class but in my attempt to run some intervals to make sure I made it to the Golden Gate bridge in time, I think I've injured my hip. I've only been able to get in up to 8 painful miles so far... not sure how many I will get in next Saturday. My hope is I've built up a certain fitness level where I can get through the race.... and then go to the doctor if needed. I guess I really am meant to be a walker!

It seems like there must be lots of big news to share along with a few square peg running moments... but my brain is full! I need to trust in my training, enjoy the race, and then look forward to a summer of just enjoying my training without "that big race" to train for. I love training for those big half marathons and getting another one under my belt but I long to return to the simplicity of walking for the mere fun of it. That is my goal for the rest of the summer and then truly I will be running my own race!

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