Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Parkway half marathon training begins

I am happy to say that we completed our second official SacFit winter season workout on Saturday. It's amazing how quickly your body (physically and mentally) can get out of shape. Of course, it's much easier to get back in shape then starting from scratch but our 40 minute workout Saturday seemed like about how 10 miles would have felt a few months ago. I am struggling with whether I want to stick with my pace group that has the people I enjoy talking with in but it is a little faster than I want to go for a Saturday endurance workout or whether I want to slow it down a bit and enjoy the moment. I am sure the competitive side of me will win out in an attempt to shave 2 minutes off my time so I can break two hours in this year's Parkway half marathon. We will see!

It was also obvious to me on Saturday how important those mid-week workouts are. Even just getting one workout in mid-week makes a huge difference! It's all about getting mentally and physically back in the swing of things! It's definitely easy to negotiate myself out of a workout on the long drive home from work, but no more excuses!

In addition to getting back into the Saturday training routine, I am excited that several of my friends have chosen to "pay it forward" and bring their friends into the SacFit family. It can't help but keep people motivated to know that others will be counting on them showing up. It's also a great opportunity to socialize and catch up when life seems so busy. My best friend from high-school, best friend from college, a college roommate, and close co-worker are all just a few that are among the SacFit family. I've also enjoyed meeting new people and expanding the circle of people who are crazy enough to get up early and spend their Saturday mornings getting fit!

I am going to have to call it quits for now... lots of chores to get done before another busy work week. Instead of focusing on all the things that didn't get done this weekend, I should focus on how great it was to get a good workout in and all other things will fall into place!

Happy training!



  1. Yay! I'm so glad your blog and podcast are up and running again!!! I have to admit though, I'm a little bummed about not having a product of the week anymore...but I'm still definitely happy you guys are back regardless! :)

  2. Thank you for the comments! We appreciate it. We are glad to be back! I promise to bring back a product of the week soon!