Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week in review- Sunday, January 3rd

Happy 2010! I can't believe it is already the new year. Welcome to the first Square Peg Running "week in review" post. My goal for this year is to provide a weekly Sunday update on my/our weekly running and walking adventures as well as review a "product of the week." As a running/walking "product enthusiast" I am happy to share what I've learned as I continue on my quest for the perfect products to make my workouts easier (and sometimes more stylish)!

Unfortunately, this year did not start with a bang for me in the walking department. The walking gods always seem to know when I have a few days off, and of course I came down with a cold. Although that meant the Auburn New Year's Day resolution run was a "no go" for me it gave me plenty of time to think about my goals for the year. I've always heard it takes 3-4 weeks to create a habit, so I won't let a few little "sick days" get me down.

Fortunately, I got a few days in at the gym with my mom before I got sick as I start my quest to re-incorporate strength training into my regime. I definitely need to strengthen my core which should help with some of the lower back pain I experience occasionally when walking longer distances. I can't lie that I hope the addition of strength training to my routine kicks my metabolism into gear as I look to lose the last 35lbs this year. When I discovered my mom uses about twice the weight I do on machines I knew I needed to get to work. I will let you know how it goes!

Next week, we are back to work with Sac Fit (a local running/walking club) to train for the American River Parkway half marathon this spring. Joining a walking/running club (with or without a buddy) really keeps you motivated. Also, we've learned a tremendous amount of helpful exercise and nutrition trips from training with a group, which we can share as we go. I highly recommend joining a group if you can! I will report in next Sunday on our first session of the season.

I know those of you who know me have have all been anxiously waiting for the following:

Product of the week:
A product that is key to any pleasant and productive workout is "the sock." The wrong sock can lead to painful blisters, slippage, and pesky seams. After trying many different brands with little luck, I found the perfect sock! It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and despite the fact it is made from wool it is not the least bit itchy! With this sock, I never get blisters and never have to interrupt my run/walk with sock issues. It is the Smart Wool Phd blister free women's ultralight running sock. Don't worry it comes in a men's/unisex style and has larger women's sizes for those of us who need it. They are available at REI for around $11.99-$13.99 depending on the style. I prefer the shorter style in summer (looks better with capris) and the crew style in winter because it keeps my feet warmer and keeps the rocks out of your shoes. I know several other people who won't wear anything but this sock either. Try it out! You won't be disappointed!

Well, that is it for this week in review. I know Lara had a great run this week that hopefully she gets a chance to share. Please feel free to submit a comment for any of our blog entries. You don't need any special kind of account. Perhaps you have a comment on something you would like to see done differently or you have information to share. We are happy to hear from you!

Have a great week!


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