Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our first Podcast!

Greetings from Square Peg Running (and walking)!  Today, we recorded our first Podcast.  I can't wait to hear how it turns out!  We're hoping to share all of the crazy experiences and great information we've picked up on our walking and running journeys as well as learn from others as we move forward with our training.

People often ask me how I got started walking for exercise.  I hope I've inspired some people and secretly I think others think if I can do this anyone can! I've never been an athlete.  I've always been the girlie girl into shopping and considered a nice trip to the mall for a new pair of shoes or handbag as exercise.  I would watch Oprah and be absolutely convinced I would never be one of those people who found exercise and loved it.  Initially, my friends and family were shocked when I started preferring REI or Fleet Feet gift cards over a trip to my local mall. So, if I can do this it truly is proof anyone can!

It really all started with a co-worker mentioning she was going to walk a half marathon.  It suddenly hit me I could too.  I needed to lose weight and this was a good opportunity to train for a specific event outside my comfort zone and maybe lose a little weight along the way. It also occurred to me I could find somebody to train with and share the misery along the way, so I looked to my college roommate and dedicated friend, Lara, to share the pain!  Originally, I looked at walking as a destination... I would train for one half marathon and be done with it! But, along the way I fell in love with walking.  After completing the first half marathon, we couldn't get enough.  We signed up with a local running/walking group and learned about proper walking format, nutrition, and clothing.  You name it, we were learning about it, reading about it, or buying it!  Once I decide to do something, I definitely give it my all!

Over the course of the last year and a half, I've lost weight, developed a hobby, and improved my health significantly.  I have visual proof that this is the right thing for me to be doing!  I continue to improve my walking pace, about a 14:38 per mile race pace, and look forward to all the rest of my adventures.  I've walked to places in my own backyard that I didn't realize were even there. After walking two half marathons, Lara has "crossed over to the dark side" and started running but we're both having a great time at our own pace.  We still meet up on Saturday mornings to train to keep each other motivated and to share all of the information we've learned or products we've tried!  

We walked five miles today and will be doing a 10K tomorrow.  Lara will run it and I will walk but, hey, I have the advantage of somebody being at the finish line cheering me on!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned....

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